Denver & Rio Grande Western In Z Scale


denver & Rio Grande Western Z Scale

Denver & Rio Grande Western In Z Scale.  If you model the D&RGW you should be pleased with the increased selection of rolling stock and locomotives of late.  AZL has added a nice GP-7 locomotive that is DCC ready and available in  a couple of skirt variations.  Also available is a nice wide vision caboose that would match up nicely with the GP-7’s.  As for rolling stock, the AZL 2 bay ACF hoppers are out in 4 car sets as well as a couple of singles.  These little cars are really sharp and have incredible detail.  Full Throttle Z scale also offers a limited production set of two 2 cars sets of Denver & Rio Grande Western in z scale for a total of 4 road numbers.  These Full Throttle car sets usually sell out fast so if you are thinking about them, don’t think to long!  As interest in z scale continues to grow, so will selection of gear for all the roads.  It is nice to see more of late for the D&RGW.