Getting Started In Z Scale: Track

Choosing your z scale track is much easier than choosing your locomotive or rolling stock.  Choosing your layout…. that may be a little harder.  Let’s take a quick look at track.  For z scale layouts, you have a few basic choices.  The originator of z scale Marklin, Rokuhan, Micro Trains or hand laid track.  As with so many aspects of this hobby, your end goal will determine your track choice.  If you want the ultimate in realism you will likely hand lay your track.  Even your switches can be hand laid.  Check out Fast Tracks for supplies and jigs for laying your own track.   If you are going to add ballast to your track, you will want to either use Marklin or hand lay your track.   Marklin turnouts are very reliable and can even help avoid derailments if you go the wrong way over a switch.  They offer a variety of turnouts, straights, curves and even adjustable track to help you make your layout.

Rokuhan and Micro Trains line offer track with a pre installed roadbed.  While you cannot achieve the level of realism that adding your own ballast offers, you can achieve a very clean and operational layout using this type of track.  The Micro Trains Line of track is somewhat limited so my recommendation is the Rokuhan as they have a large selection of turnouts, crossings, flexible track along with the standard curves and straights.   I am biased towards Rokuhan.  I like their selection and and the way their controllers connect to the track and work with their power turnouts.

If you are just getting started, consider a starter bundle of Rokuhan Track.  The layout pictured above, the double oval, is a really nice starting point.  If you already have some railroading experience under you belt perhaps in another scale, search for some z scale layouts online or design your own with a program like AnyRail.  They have light version you can use for free.  The full version is awesome!

So we have our controller, our locomotive and our track.  But a train isn’t a train without cars.  Our next segment in getting started in z scale will talk about the ever growing offering of z scale rolling stock available.