Getting Started In Z Scale: Starter Sets

I remember  being young and my father coming home with an Atlas N scale starter set.  I can still picture the box with the Santa Fe diesel locomotive and the 0-8-0 steam locomotive.  Inside you received a small oval of track, a locomotive a few cars and caboose and a controller.  It was a great way to get started, you could open the box and run your trains.  You can have the same experience with z scale.  There really are just a  couple choices for z scale starter sets.  Marklin has offered starter sets for years, since the start of z scale in 1972.   Micro Trains offers a starter set both with and without track, neither with a controller. offers the MTL sets with controller and track ready to go and also offer custom AZL/Rokuhan packages as well in an effort to give you the same out of the box experience that is common in other scales.  As we have stated in other posts in this series have stated, you end goal will likely influence what you start with.  If you want to open a box and start in the hobby today, check out our ready to go z scale starter sets on line.  Start your model trains memories today with a ready to go z scale starter set.  But fair warning, it is an addictive hobby!