Miller Engineering Roof Top Neon Signs For Z Scale

Miller Engineering N/Z Scale Budweiser Neon Roof Sign #33-8815Miller engineering offers some great products including these signs ideally suited for both Z and N scale layouts.  They have taken their HO/O scale window signs and designed a set of photo etched supports for them so they can be used as roof top billboards for N & Z scales. The Frame Size is 1″ W x 1.35″ T These  roof top billboards have all the great features of all Miller Enigneering billboards. They are fully compatible with their  line of AC adapters and converter modules.  These really are cool little signs that add animation to your layout.  Choose from a variety of different beer signs in addition to a collection of products from GE, Coppertone, Rexall,  Western Union and more.  Check them out at Zgauge. com

hand_frame-web-195x268[1]  Miller Engineering #44-0202 Sm. NorthwesternBack_view-209x213[1]

AZL Z Scale SD70 Locomotives

AZL Z Scale SD70 LocomotivesAZL has been beefing up their z scale locomotive line with a series of SD70 locomotives.  As of today, they have the following: Conrail SD70,  Illinois Central SD70,  Norfolk Southern SD70, CSX SD70M and  Canadian National SD70.  Very sharp z scale locomotives.  All feature the following:

  • Directional controlled LED lighting
  • Traction tires
  • Prototype specific details
  • Separately applied add-on parts
  • Optional add-on plow
  • Dual flywheels
  • Brass handrails and side panels
  • Maintenance free can motor
  • AZL AutoLatch couplers
  • Can be upgraded to DCC with Digritax’s DZ123Z0 decoder

These are very well done examples of a very popular locomotive in z scale.  Most come in  3 or 4 different road numbers so you can make up a nice consist of these sharp locomotives.  Easy to add DCC and if you choose you can have it factory installed and ready to go for you.  AZL is always offering new releases.  Like us on Facebook not only to catch each one but Facebook is where we offer any promos that we have running.  Check them out at our site, Zguage.Com

Super Detail Kit For AZL GP38-2

Super Detail Kit For GP38-2 1The AZL GP38-2 locomotives have been billed as an entry level locomotive to z scale. While that may bay true, many, many have been sold. When you look back at the start of z gauge, these really are great little locomotives, especially with such a great price point. Now Micron Art has made it easy to take the detail up a notch. Kit contains .010 photo-etched stainless steel components and drilling guides for handrails and grab-irons; also a complete list of recommended tools, glues and paints. There are illustrations for forming, drilling and inserting the new handrails. Find the Micron Art 1038 Super Detail Kit for your AZL GP38-2 here.  Check out the image below for list of details included in the kit.  I like the fact that they added the drilling guides.  Let’s face it, it takes a steady hand as it is to work on z scale.  The drilling guides will help you make sure that your grab irons and handrails end up  just where you want them.  Recommended tools include the usual tools you already have like tweezers, magnifying glasses, emery board etc.  The recommend drill size is an .017 or a #78 or #79.  Priced under $25 this is a great little kit.

Super Detail Kit For GP38-2 Micron Art 1038

Z Gauge Semi Truck Trailer Kits From Micron Art

Micron Art Semi Truck Trailer Kit 1075 1077 1079Micron art offers three very nice z scale semi truck trailer kits to get the freight to and from the rails on your z gauge layout.  The three different versions offer ribbed side and panel sides.  All three of the kits share some common features including:  Tractor Features: cast wheels, detailed wheel hubs,diesel horn(s), side mirrors, seat, steering wheel, stack, 2 fuel tanks (improved mounts), trailer tongue, running boards, Swarovski crystal headlamps and saffire color brake lights.Three different style grills. Trailer Features: cast wheels, detailed wheel hubs, trailer stand, rear doors can be opened and closed, side door, new refrigeration unit,Swarovski crystal saffire rear tail lights, full set of decals for four different lines.  Micron Art part numbers are 1075, 1077 and 1079.

Small details even on small scale trains are the difference between a train set and a layout.  As technology continues to move forward, the quality of details in z scale will continue to improve.  When you look at some of real early details available even for n scale it is incredible what these z scale semi truck trailer kits offer.  I think back to some of the n scale cars and trucks my father bought when I was young.  There is no comparison.  He actually whittled a semi truck and trailer from balsa and sliced tires out of a pencil tip eraser.  Makes me wonder what some of these old timers could have done with our technology!   Find more vehicles, buildings, bridges and other details from Micron Art at Zgauge.Com.


Uncle Will Full Throttle Z Scale BNSF 100 Ton Hopper Set

Uncle Wills Full Throttle Z Scale FTPZ 8007 BNSF Black Swoosh With LocoZ Scale Trains Uncle Wills Full Throttle BNSF 100 Ton HopperAnother winner from Uncle Wills Full Throttle Z Scale, the BNSF 100 Ton hopper 2 car set.  Part number FTPZ-8007 set 1.  This set is of the classic Black Swoosh BNSF hopper that was used as Burlington Northern and Santa Fe became fully merged.  This type of hopper was first built in the 1960’s with over 130,000 being produced and used by many of the railroads across North America.   They are still seen on a fairly regular basis today.  Now you can see them on your z gauge line in this very nice, very limited set from Uncle Wills Full Throttle Z Scale.  As always the cars are well done and feature loads by Hay Brothers Garage and are packed in stacking cases that are well appointed with BNSF logos and information.  Road numbers in FTPZ-8007 Set 1 are #616274 and  #616568. You can find them in stock while they last at Zgauge.Com along with a nice selection of other Full Throttle Z scale car sets and product from AZL, Micron Art and more.

Marklin 8998 Z Scale Turntable

Marklin 8998 Z Scale Turn TableThe Marklin 8998  Z scale turntable is another one of those Marklin classics that is hard to come buy.  The turntable is remote powered, a controller comes installed and came pre assembled ready to use.  Here are the dimensions from the factory: External turntable diameter 170 mm / 6-11/16*. Deck length 132 mm / 5-3/16*. Flush mount installation requiring 145 mm / 5-3/4* diameter hole.  Unit will shut power off to tracks not being in contact with the deck.  Released in 2000 and just available for a few years, they are hard to come by.  You can find the Marklin 8998 z scale turntable here and there on the net, your best bet is probably ebay.  Fortunately, owners of Marklin z scale appreciate quality pieces and the can still be had in really nice or even unused condition.  Click to check ebay for the Marklin 8998 Z scale turntable.  There is no question a turntable is one of those details that really adds to the main yard.  The Marklin 8998 z scale turntable really is a cool little piece, I actually think many were purchased and just kept in the box.  If you are looking to add details to your z scale layout, check out the new buildings, vehicle and detail section added to our store at Zguage.Com.

Z Scale Bridges

Micron Art Z scale Pratt Truss BridgeWhen you think of building any train layout, you think of adding water, or contour of some sort that will ultimately require a bridge.  If you are looking for z scale bridges, Micron Art offers a couple of really nice options.   The Pratt Truss Z Scale Bridges they offer are available in a medium version, spanning a scale 154′ and a long version spanning a scale 224′.  Both z scale bridges follow standard prototype bridge building techniques making them a viable detail in many applications.  Designed per the “Easybrass” philosophy. Most of the rods and shapes on the Pratt Truss Bridge are combined making for faster assembly than you may assume for such a complex bridge Micron Art Z Scale Signal Bridge Kitdesign.  The bridge uses brass of a heavier gauge than what is normal used and can be set up to use a cateneray if you desire.  These bridges really are works of art, you will be proud to display.   The smaller size looks very nice set up in multiple sections as showed in the picture above.  Micron Art also offers a girder bridge that measures a scale 79′.   The bridge features cast & riveted iron fittings, rivet plates.  The last of the z scale bridges that Micron Art offers is actually a signal bridge designed to go over tracks.  Again, and I say this a lot when I see these small brass kits,  this kit really is a work of art!  Z scale has really come along way and even the smallest of details can now be produced through laser cutting and photo etching.  With the huge amount of running that can be achieved in such a small area with these trains, it is easy to see why z gauge is growing so quickly.  You an find the Micron Art Z scale bridges online at Zgauge.Com.

AZL Z Scale Southern Pacific GP-9 Locomotive

AZL Z Scale GP9 Southern Pacific Locomotive

AZL Z Scale GP9 Southern Pacific Locomotive

Just released the new AZL z scale Southern Pacific GP-9 locomotive in bloody nose paint scheme.  The SP GP-9 locomotive features details specific to the prototype including long range tanks.  The locomotive features directional lighting, powerful can motor, auto latch couplers, brass handrails, traction tires, separately applied details, prototype specific details and easily upgrades to DCC .  The recommended Digitrax decoder is the DZ123Z0 and can be installed with no wiring or soldering.  Included optional pilot packed away under the tray if you so desire.  The GP-9 locomotive was  widely used across North America and was produces from 1954 to 1963.  I found the available road numbers, 3004, 3005, 3006 and 3007 as accurate listed on the roster at .  I like the fact that more and more of the z scale locomotives including the AZL Southern Pacific GP-9 are so easy to set up with DCC, especially when no soldering is necessary.  Soldering on such small parts always make me nervous.  This is the second new locomotive added to the AZL line this month and there are more to com!  Make sure to like us on Facebook to find coupon codes on new releases and more.  Visit our website, dedicated exclusively to z scale products.  You can also find it on our ebay store along with used and close out z scale items.

AZL Z Scale SD70 Locomotive

AZL Z Scale SD70 Locomotive

AZL Z Scale Illinois Central SD70 Locomotive

AZL Z Scale SD70’s are back! Just released and in stock the Illinois Central SD70 locomotives in z scale. Great features on this standard cab SD70 in Illinois Central Death Star colors with four different road names. Great details and features in a locomotive that easily upgrades to DCC.  A total of 122 SD70 locomotives were built over the years for  Norfolk Southern, Conrail, Illinois Central, CSX, Southern Peru Copper and Canadian National.  They first came into service back in 1992 and continue to operate today.  The SD70 locomotive continued to evolve over the years with safer more comfortable cabs, more horsepower and other upgrades in variations.  The AZL Z Scale SD70 locomotive is based on the standard cab version and offers many standard features that create a beautiful locomotive in the Illinois Central Death Star paint scheme.  You can find some excellent reading on the variations of the locomotive at Wikipedia.  You can order the AZL z scale SD70 locomotives and a complete line of z gauge locomotives, rolling stock and more online at Zgauge.Com  Make sure to like us on face book for any current coupon code offered and further releases of more road names for the AZL z scale SD70. You can also find it on our ebay store along with used and close out z scale items.

Full Throttle Z Scale Chessie Repaints 2 Car Set FTCOL-27-2

Full Throttle Z Scale Chessie B&O C&O Repaints 2 Car Set FTCOL-27-2

Full Throttle Z Scale Chessie B&OC&O Repaints 2 Car Set FTCOL-27-2

Full Throttle FTCOL-27-2 Set

Just released a new set of Full Throttle’s z scale 33′ offset hopper repaint 2 car set, part #FTCOL-27-2.  If you missed out on this set last time around, you get another chance and you get two new road numbers as well.  The new road numbers are B&O #234974 and C&O #135307.  Two years ago these sold out very fast, so if you like what you see, don’t wait.  As usual with any of the Full throttle products, the packaging is very nice on the set FTCOL-27-2.  The cars themselves feature metal wheels, knuckle couplers and loads from Hay Brothers Garage.   We hope to have these in stock with 7-10 days for shipment.  We will be offering them on line at our store, Zgauge.Com with a flat shipping rate of only $4.95 and free shipping at $250.   Below is a little background on the cars from Full Throttle:

One of the most striking and exhausting “repaint” projects ever attempted after a major merger was that of the Chessie System ! It was so comprehensive that many yellow, blue and vermillion Chessie engines may still be seen in service today, despite the CSX ownership! I’ve combined two 33′ Offset-Side 2-Bay Hopper models (WDW3005 and WDW3031) into a “Special” Collector 2-pk.#2 with all new, unique Reporting Numbers. As most of you know, the older B&O and C&O equipment was refurbished and repainted after the merger, but the original Designations and Reporting Numbers were kept. These models were released two years ago, but many of you either missed out or ordered just a few and were quickly “sold out!” I promised to release more of them, so here’s a wonderful Z Scale FTCOL27 2-pk. #2 of work-a-day hoppers for post-WWII runners of Eastern USA trains. And a great addition to your hopper rosters and collections. One of the most popular names of the Railroad Hobby!  

Order your #FTCOL-27-2 Full Throttle Z Scale Chessie Repaint hoppers today at Zgauge.Com Continue reading