AZL Z Scale GS-3 Locomotive

AZL Z Scale Locomotive GS-3 4-8-4 2Very easy to look at, very hard to find!  The AZL z scale GS-3 is one beautiful locomotive that anyone would love to own, if you can find one!  These little works of art were produced in very limited production.  Produced by AZL in both the Daylight version and the deskirted black version. The GS-3 was a streamlined 4-8-4 Northern type steam locomotive far different than what we think of when we think of a typical northern locomotive.  They were used by Southern Pacific for about 17 years from the late 30′ s to 1957.   Built by the Lima locomotive works in OH ,they had road numbers 4416 through 4429.  The GS in GS-3 stood for Golden State or General Service  The GS-3 with the bright paint scheme was referred to as the daylight . They were primarily used on Southern Pacific’s premier passenger train at the time, the Coast Daylight. In later years after being replaced by newer GS class engines, they were painted black, had their side skirting removed for easier maintenance.  As a relative new comer to z scale, I lament the fact that I missed the opportunity to own one of these, I keep a watch on ebay, but they are just about impossible to find.  Will AZL re release the Z Scale  GS-3 Locomotive???   Time will tell.  They have releasing some great locomotives of late including the Big Boy and a nice variety of SD70 and SD75 locomotives.  Visit us at Zgauge.Com and sign up for our newsletter or better yet follow us on Facebook for prompt notification of new releases from AZL and special promotions.  If they do introduce the AZL GS-3 Daylight Locomotive in Z Scale, we will let you know immediately……..after I get mine!

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