AZL Z Scale Southern Pacific Heavyweight Passenger Cars

AZL 71903 Z Scale Southern Pacific RPO Mail Car Heavyweight Passenger Car

More on the AZL Z Scale Southern Pacific Line Heavyweight Passenger Cars. On an earlier post we highlighted the the Sunset Limited 10 Car St from AZL but at the same time they released a bunch of heavyweight passenger cars for z scale in SP road name. 2 new body styles were added, an observation and a mail car. All told with the different road numbers and car names released, I counted 25 different heavyweight passenger cars, not counting the 10 in the 10 car set.  You can see  all the cars including the Z Scale Southern Pacific Observation Car, the Z Scale Southern Pacific Mail Cars and all the new releases at Zgauge.Com .There is also buzzing about another new locomotive release….we will post pictures as soon as we see it. 

AZL 71804-2 Z Scale Southern Pacific Balboa Observation Car


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