Z Scale GP38-2 Locomotives From AZL

The AZL GP38-2 series of locomotives is considered to be an entry level locomotive with a price point that makes it very appealing.  With lot’s of road names many of which contain three or four different road numbers, you can build a nice consist with out breaking the bank.  The locomotives feature a powerful motor with dual flywheels for smooth running.  Very nice quality directional lighting is also on board.  The AZL Gp38-2 is DCC ready with drop in decoders available.  Some of the early models had some chassis issues but the later releases have resolved that problem.  AZL will stand behind any of the earlier defective units.  These little z scale locomotives are showing up here and there in custom paint schemes.  Due to their low cost they are a good option to try your painting technique on.  You can also find a super detail kit available from Micron Art that features more scale like hand rails, grab rails and other details.

You can shop our website at Zgauge.Com for the AZL GP38-2 Z scale locomotives along with the entire line of AZL products.



AZL Z Scale Locomotive Chessie B&O GP38-2 Road Number 3802

End Date: Sunday Sep-1-2019 19:45:54 PDT
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AZL Z Scale Locomotive Lehigh Valley GP38-2 Road Number 314

End Date: Thursday Sep-19-2019 16:56:49 PDT
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AZL Z Scale Locomotive CSX Rail GP38-2 Road Number 2704

End Date: Thursday Sep-19-2019 16:58:28 PDT
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AZL Z Scale Locomotive KCS GP38-2 Road Number 2025

End Date: Thursday Sep-19-2019 16:57:38 PDT
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Denver & Rio Grande Western In Z Scale


denver & Rio Grande Western Z Scale

Denver & Rio Grande Western In Z Scale.  If you model the D&RGW you should be pleased with the increased selection of rolling stock and locomotives of late.  AZL has added a nice GP-7 locomotive that is DCC ready and available in  a couple of skirt variations.  Also available is a nice wide vision caboose that would match up nicely with the GP-7’s.  As for rolling stock, the AZL 2 bay ACF hoppers are out in 4 car sets as well as a couple of singles.  These little cars are really sharp and have incredible detail.  Full Throttle Z scale also offers a limited production set of two 2 cars sets of Denver & Rio Grande Western in z scale for a total of 4 road numbers.  These Full Throttle car sets usually sell out fast so if you are thinking about them, don’t think to long!  As interest in z scale continues to grow, so will selection of gear for all the roads.  It is nice to see more of late for the D&RGW.

Z Scale Amtrak

Z Scale AmtrakIf you are modeling Amtrak in z scale, the choices continue to grow. For a long time, the only choice for z scale Amtrak was products from Marklin. They offered a very nice F7 and a variety of different passenger cars. In addition to the classic Marklin line, you now have Amtrak in z scale from Micro Trains and AZL. Micro Trains is offering a nice Amtrak commuter set featuring an F7 locomotive, a baggage car and three coach cars. Really a nice looking set with aluminum sides. AZL offers an Amtrakz scale amtrak super liners F59PHI Locomotive in Amtrak West and Amtrak California, each with 3 different road numbers. You can also buy them as a commuter set, consisting of the locomotive and 4 cars. If you are modeling z scale Amtrak on your layout, check out these great options. Some of what is available on ebay is listed below.  AZL is now offer the Amtrak Super Liner in 4 car sets and singles along with a very sharp Genesis P-42 locomotive in several roads.   Below are just a few items offered on ebay right now, search for more or check out Zgauge.com for the latest available.



End Date: Saturday Sep-7-2019 23:43:49 PDT
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Z - Marklin 8765 Amtrak Observation Car RD#3344 - No Box

End Date: Thursday Sep-5-2019 6:04:28 PDT
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Z Scale Marklin 8765 Amtrak Observation Passenger Car Caboose

End Date: Monday Aug-26-2019 19:28:02 PDT
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Marklin 8762 AMTRAK Passenger - Sleeper Car Z Scale

End Date: Tuesday Sep-3-2019 9:21:46 PDT
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End Date: Thursday Sep-12-2019 16:39:37 PDT
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AZL 63509 Z Scale Locomotive Amtrak P42 Genesis Heritage Phase III TESTED *NEW

End Date: Thursday Aug-29-2019 22:32:38 PDT
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Marklin Z Mini Club 8862a EMD F7 AMTRAK Diesel Loco #105 +CC & LED (Tested)

End Date: Friday Aug-23-2019 9:15:14 PDT
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Marklin Z Mini Club 8862 EMD F7 AMTRAK Diesel Loco #105 +CC+5Pole+LEDs (Tested)

End Date: Friday Aug-30-2019 11:18:22 PDT
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Southern Pacific Z Scale Locomotives

Z Scale Southern Pacific LocomotivesIf you model Southern Pacific in z scale, your locomotive selection continues to grow thanks to AZL.  Currently AZL offers 4 scale locomotives in a total of 15 different road numbers.  You have the latest SP locomotive, the SD70M in 4 road numbers, the GP-9 Locomotive in z scale with 4 different road numbers, the GP-30 with 3 road numbers and finally the GP38-2 available in 4 different road numbers.  This collection of z scale Southern Pacific locomotives starts with a street price of around $100 on the GP38-2 to about $190 on the SD70M.   While the GP38-2 is considered an entry level z scale locomotive, it is a great unit for the money.  Micron Art makes a very nice detail kit for the unit as well.  All 4 locomotives are DCC ready and all but the GP30 have drop in decoders available from Digitrax.  In addition to the locomotives, you can also find a nice selection of z scale passenger cars, cabooses and freight cars for the Southern Pacific in our store at Zgauge.Com.

Z Scale 2-8-2 Mikado Locomotives

AZL 50007-1 Z Scale Locomotive CN Mikado 2-8-2 The Mikadao 2-8-2 locomotive is something every model railroad should have.   In z scale, you have two choices, the classic Marklin 2-8-2 Mikado locomotive or the AZL line of heavy and light Mikado locomotives.  The Marklin 2-8-2 Mikado has been around for some time and is still a very popular z scale locomotive.  You will find them in CB&Q, New York Central, Southern Pacific, Milwaukee Road, C&O and AT&SF.  Most of these came in sets so they can be hard to come by.  Pricing tends to run about $150 used and up by themselves.  As for the AZL lineup they have even more to choose from in both heavy and light versions.  Most of the Mikado z scale locomotives offered by AZL come in 3 to 4 different road numbers.  So what is the better of the two?  In my opinion, you are really looking at two completely different markets.  In z scale, Marklin has it’s own following and their faithful tell you that the Marklin z scale 2-8-2 is the only way to go.  From a detail and realism view, the AZL Mikado offers more detail and crisper printing and more road numbers as mentioned earlier.  I have owned both, and each has their own charm.  So as I always figure when it comes to locomotives, and the z scale 2-8-2 Mikado is no different, get them both.



New AZL Southern Pacific Caboose In Z Scale

New AZL Release Southern Pacific Bay Window Caboose. Finally a couple more cabooses! Cabooses have been hard to come by in z scale of late. AZL Z Scale C-30-5 Caboose SP

A couple notes from the National Train Show from AZL:
AZL has announced new products during the National Train show. This included coil cars, 17,000 gallon corn syrup cars and ACF 2-bay covered hoppers. Pre-production versions were shown. No official release dates have been announced. AZL has also announced the cancellation of the proposed AC4400 locomotive series. This will be replaced by ES4400s. Look for this locomotive to appears in quite a few paint schemes including heritage schemes. Again, no release date has been announced. We will keep you posted. Check out the new SP cabooses online at Zgauge.Com

AZL Z Scale GS-3 Locomotive

AZL Z Scale Locomotive GS-3 4-8-4 2Very easy to look at, very hard to find!  The AZL z scale GS-3 is one beautiful locomotive that anyone would love to own, if you can find one!  These little works of art were produced in very limited production.  Produced by AZL in both the Daylight version and the deskirted black version. The GS-3 was a streamlined 4-8-4 Northern type steam locomotive far different than what we think of when we think of a typical northern locomotive.  They were used by Southern Pacific for about 17 years from the late 30′ s to 1957.   Built by the Lima locomotive works in OH ,they had road numbers 4416 through 4429.  The GS in GS-3 stood for Golden State or General Service  The GS-3 with the bright paint scheme was referred to as the daylight . They were primarily used on Southern Pacific’s premier passenger train at the time, the Coast Daylight. In later years after being replaced by newer GS class engines, they were painted black, had their side skirting removed for easier maintenance.  As a relative new comer to z scale, I lament the fact that I missed the opportunity to own one of these, I keep a watch on ebay, but they are just about impossible to find.  Will AZL re release the Z Scale  GS-3 Locomotive???   Time will tell.  They have releasing some great locomotives of late including the Big Boy and a nice variety of SD70 and SD75 locomotives.  Visit us at Zgauge.Com and sign up for our newsletter or better yet follow us on Facebook for prompt notification of new releases from AZL and special promotions.  If they do introduce the AZL GS-3 Daylight Locomotive in Z Scale, we will let you know immediately……..after I get mine!

AZL Z Scale SD75M Santa Fe Red War Bonnet Locomotives

AZL 61011 Z Scale Locomotive ATSF SD75M Red War Bonnet
AZL Z Scale SD75M Santa Fe Red War Bonnet Locomotives 
By popular demand AZL has introduced a beautiful Z scale SD75M in Santa Fe red war bonnet colors. AZL 61011 Z Scale Locomotive SD75M AT&SF Santa Fe War Bonnet. Available in 4 road numbers. The SD75M was essentially a special request by the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway and the SD75I was purchased by Santa Fe successor Burlington Northern and Santa Fe, Canadian National, and the Ontario Northland.. Easily set up to DCC using Digitrax DZ1230 decoder. Easy drop in installation or add on the option and we will ship it decoder installed. Also out this week, a nice 33,000 Wanda Petrolium LPG Tank single car available in 2 road numbers. Find them both online at Zgauge.Com

AZL Z Scale Southern Pacific Heavyweight Passenger Cars

AZL 71903 Z Scale Southern Pacific RPO Mail Car Heavyweight Passenger Car

More on the AZL Z Scale Southern Pacific Line Heavyweight Passenger Cars. On an earlier post we highlighted the the Sunset Limited 10 Car St from AZL but at the same time they released a bunch of heavyweight passenger cars for z scale in SP road name. 2 new body styles were added, an observation and a mail car. All told with the different road numbers and car names released, I counted 25 different heavyweight passenger cars, not counting the 10 in the 10 car set.  You can see  all the cars including the Z Scale Southern Pacific Observation Car, the Z Scale Southern Pacific Mail Cars and all the new releases at Zgauge.Com .There is also buzzing about another new locomotive release….we will post pictures as soon as we see it. 

AZL 71804-2 Z Scale Southern Pacific Balboa Observation Car


AZL 61015 Z Scale Locomotive SD70M CSX Dark Future

AZL 61015 Z Scale Locomotive SD70M CSX Dark Future #4678AZL just keeps bringing it!  There latest locomotive, the AZL 61015 Z Scale Locomotive SD70M in CSX Dark Future colors has just been released and is available in 4 road numbers.  It is very DCC ready, just drop in a Digitraxx DZ1230 decoder and you are set. Better yet, you can buy it with the decoder installed for you, no chance of breaking a detail off  installing yourself. The locomotive offers the same features as the other SD70 an SD70 locomotives in their collection:

  • Directional lighting
  • Traction tires
  • Prototype specific details
  • Separately applied add on parts
  • Optional plow included
  • Dual flywheels
  • Brass railings and side panels
  • Maintenance free can motor
  • AZL auto latch couplers
  • Easily upgrades to DCC with Digitrax D123Z0 decoder

AZL is continually adding more products and we are doing our best to get them in our store at ZGauge.Com as fast as possible.  Follow us on facebook for some great promos as well.