New AZL Southern Pacific Caboose In Z Scale

New AZL Release Southern Pacific Bay Window Caboose. Finally a couple more cabooses! Cabooses have been hard to come by in z scale of late. AZL Z Scale C-30-5 Caboose SP

A couple notes from the National Train Show from AZL:
AZL has announced new products during the National Train show. This included coil cars, 17,000 gallon corn syrup cars and ACF 2-bay covered hoppers. Pre-production versions were shown. No official release dates have been announced. AZL has also announced the cancellation of the proposed AC4400 locomotive series. This will be replaced by ES4400s. Look for this locomotive to appears in quite a few paint schemes including heritage schemes. Again, no release date has been announced. We will keep you posted. Check out the new SP cabooses online at Zgauge.Com