Hard To Find Full Throttle Z Scale

William Dean Wright continues to put out very collectible 2 and 4 cars sets of z scale cars under the Full Throttle brand.  I just love these sets for a few different reasons.  First the subject matter.  You will find your standard big road names but also a large variety of smaller roads, heritage packs and even some very interesting tribute cars to the old Tyco “brown box cars” like Dutch Cleanser, Hollwyood Candy and more.  Full Throttle Z Scale offers a variety of hoppers, a series of cylndrical hoppers, wood chip chars and small reefers.  Second thing you will notice about the Full Throttle is the quality.  These truly are nice quality cars and they sell at a very fair price.  Third, how collectible they are.  The packaging is top notch with colorful detailed info about the cars wrapped up in a nice hard, stackable case.

If you could find any complaint with the Full Throttle z scale line is that they are usually limited run.  I am a dealer and many times I have sold out my allotment even before the cars reach my front steps!  So, that is where the secondary market comes in.  Ebay is your best bet for the secondary market on Full Throttle Z scale items.  Fortunately most of these cars have a very easy life and you will find them in very nice condition.  As for pricing……..well that is all over the place.  Some of the more desirable sets to find are the FT2040 Chessie Moonshine cars, the Ford FTCOL37 set, FTCOL 8 Blue Coal Set  (or anything Blue Coal) Waddell sets or the Chessie repaints.  I know there are many more on your wish list!  Below are just a few active listings, click here to see what is currently available on ebay.

Full Throttle Z Scale 48' 100 Ton Hopper 2 car Set - Pennsylvania Power

End Date: Thursday Sep-19-2019 20:14:50 PDT
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Full Throttle Z Scale 33' 2 Bay Hopper 2 car Set - Louisville & Nashville - 2023

End Date: Thursday Sep-19-2019 20:16:44 PDT
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End Date: Tuesday Sep-17-2019 8:36:49 PDT
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End Date: Tuesday Sep-17-2019 8:36:49 PDT
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Denver & Rio Grande Western In Z Scale


denver & Rio Grande Western Z Scale

Denver & Rio Grande Western In Z Scale.  If you model the D&RGW you should be pleased with the increased selection of rolling stock and locomotives of late.  AZL has added a nice GP-7 locomotive that is DCC ready and available in  a couple of skirt variations.  Also available is a nice wide vision caboose that would match up nicely with the GP-7’s.  As for rolling stock, the AZL 2 bay ACF hoppers are out in 4 car sets as well as a couple of singles.  These little cars are really sharp and have incredible detail.  Full Throttle Z scale also offers a limited production set of two 2 cars sets of Denver & Rio Grande Western in z scale for a total of 4 road numbers.  These Full Throttle car sets usually sell out fast so if you are thinking about them, don’t think to long!  As interest in z scale continues to grow, so will selection of gear for all the roads.  It is nice to see more of late for the D&RGW.

WDW Full Throttle Cylindrical Hoppers

WDW Full Throttle Cylndrical Hoppers

William Dean Wright is known for producing high quality z scale cars that represent some very interesting subjects.  The Full Throttle 51′ Cylindrical Hoppers are a great addition to any running z scale railway or as a collectors piece.  Each set comes packed in a hard shell chase that stacks easy and has colorful, accurate prototype information on the box.  The latest in the series have in my opinion been the sharpest to date.  The last four, The Old Dutch, Petrothene, Agway and now the Boraxo z scale cylindrical hoppers are proving very popular and as a matter of fact the Old Dutch sold out immediately and the Boraxo looks like it will move even faster.  I recommend it over and over again on the WDW Full Throttle line, if it catches your eye, buy it now!   Like us on facebook and you will be the first to know  when these collectible new releases become available.  Visit our store to see current stock on the WDW Full Throttle Line

New Z Scale ACF Covered Hopper Set By Uncle Will’s Full Throttle Line

Uncle Wills Full Throttle Z Scale ACF Covered Hopper FT1044  USI PETROTHENE 3


A pair of ACF Covered 51′ Cylindrical Hoppers for USI. The models were manufactured with great details by Bowser Mfg., painted to a slight sheen and equipped with the new Bowser Roller Bearing trucks featuring super-gliding blackened metal wheels, and knuckle couplers. The bodies represent steel, and black in color. The data is white, with the red and black USI logo appearing on the sides of the car bodies! These Full Throttle USI Cylindrical hopper cars wear two unique reporting numbers SHPX 60416 and SHPX 60417
Prototype information from the manufacturer:
ACF Center Flow Cylindricals. Due to many early mergers of railroad companies, ACF industries represented in most state of the Northern US , east of the Mississippi River. They are responsible for many innovative freight and passenger cars using modern on modern railroads. After WWII, USA railroads were increasingly called upon to haul new and unique, or modern products if you will over long distances. American Car & Foundry (ACF) designed a center flow tank type called the center flow covered hopper car. This was a freight car for the future, ready to transport sugar, cement, sand, salt fertilizers, many different grains, coke, starch feeds, chemicals and plastics. USI is an American company specializing in petrochemicals and polymer products. Incorporated in WV, they have major factories in IL and NJ as well as plants nationwide. SHPX is a reporting mark for the leasing division of ACF.

I can’t say enough about the Uncle Will’s Full Throttle Z Scale line.  Every car I have seen is just a great little piece.  I love the stackable collectors cases and I really appreciate the interesting subjects that are released.  Keep in mind, they are limited run.  Get them while you can!  Check current stock of Uncle Will’s Z Scale products at Zgauge.Com.  PS  if you haven’t like us on Facebook yet, you have missed out on some great promotions!


Uncle Will Full Throttle Z Scale BNSF 100 Ton Hopper Set

Uncle Wills Full Throttle Z Scale FTPZ 8007 BNSF Black Swoosh With LocoZ Scale Trains Uncle Wills Full Throttle BNSF 100 Ton HopperAnother winner from Uncle Wills Full Throttle Z Scale, the BNSF 100 Ton hopper 2 car set.  Part number FTPZ-8007 set 1.  This set is of the classic Black Swoosh BNSF hopper that was used as Burlington Northern and Santa Fe became fully merged.  This type of hopper was first built in the 1960’s with over 130,000 being produced and used by many of the railroads across North America.   They are still seen on a fairly regular basis today.  Now you can see them on your z gauge line in this very nice, very limited set from Uncle Wills Full Throttle Z Scale.  As always the cars are well done and feature loads by Hay Brothers Garage and are packed in stacking cases that are well appointed with BNSF logos and information.  Road numbers in FTPZ-8007 Set 1 are #616274 and  #616568. You can find them in stock while they last at Zgauge.Com along with a nice selection of other Full Throttle Z scale car sets and product from AZL, Micron Art and more.

Full Throttle Z Scale Chessie Repaints 2 Car Set FTCOL-27-2

Full Throttle Z Scale Chessie B&O C&O Repaints 2 Car Set FTCOL-27-2

Full Throttle Z Scale Chessie B&OC&O Repaints 2 Car Set FTCOL-27-2

Full Throttle FTCOL-27-2 Set

Just released a new set of Full Throttle’s z scale 33′ offset hopper repaint 2 car set, part #FTCOL-27-2.  If you missed out on this set last time around, you get another chance and you get two new road numbers as well.  The new road numbers are B&O #234974 and C&O #135307.  Two years ago these sold out very fast, so if you like what you see, don’t wait.  As usual with any of the Full throttle products, the packaging is very nice on the set FTCOL-27-2.  The cars themselves feature metal wheels, knuckle couplers and loads from Hay Brothers Garage.   We hope to have these in stock with 7-10 days for shipment.  We will be offering them on line at our store, Zgauge.Com with a flat shipping rate of only $4.95 and free shipping at $250.   Below is a little background on the cars from Full Throttle:

One of the most striking and exhausting “repaint” projects ever attempted after a major merger was that of the Chessie System ! It was so comprehensive that many yellow, blue and vermillion Chessie engines may still be seen in service today, despite the CSX ownership! I’ve combined two 33′ Offset-Side 2-Bay Hopper models (WDW3005 and WDW3031) into a “Special” Collector 2-pk.#2 with all new, unique Reporting Numbers. As most of you know, the older B&O and C&O equipment was refurbished and repainted after the merger, but the original Designations and Reporting Numbers were kept. These models were released two years ago, but many of you either missed out or ordered just a few and were quickly “sold out!” I promised to release more of them, so here’s a wonderful Z Scale FTCOL27 2-pk. #2 of work-a-day hoppers for post-WWII runners of Eastern USA trains. And a great addition to your hopper rosters and collections. One of the most popular names of the Railroad Hobby!  

Order your #FTCOL-27-2 Full Throttle Z Scale Chessie Repaint hoppers today at Zgauge.Com Continue reading

Full Throttle Z Scale Trains

Uncle Wills Full Throttle Z Scale Hoppers

Uncle Wills Full Throttle Z Scale Hoppers

Uncle Wills Full Throttle Z Scale Hoppers Packaging

Uncle Wills Full Throttle 2 Car Pack

I have to admit I had never heard of Uncle Wills Full Throttle Z Scale  before.  I bought a lot of z scale trains on line and was pleasantly surprised to receive several 2 car hopper packs in the lot.  I did a little research and found this great little company that has been producing a nice selection of unique z scale rolling stock.  The cars come well packed in a hard case with very attractive packaging along with an accurate history of the type of car modeled.  One thing I noted with the Uncle Wills Full Throttle line is the unique selection.  You will find a nice selection of hoppers, gondolas and cylindrical hoppers.  The open hoppers come with loads from Hay Brothers Garage.  If you want true variety in your collection, you will find it in the Uncle Wills Full Throttle Line. I have noticed that the sets sell out fast, so if you see something you like, and you will, snap them up!