LED Lighting For Z Scale

Z Scale LED Lighting

LED Lighting For Z Scale . As kids, it was imperative that a model train had a headlight.  It didn’t matter if if was really bright, yellowed or pointed off in the wrong direction,  it just had to have a light!  Then came taillights in the tender, then reversing lights.  I remember when my father installed fiber optics in an n scale diesel, again very cool.  In the early 70’s he built a flasher circuit and installed it in an HO scale Athearn caboose, and told me it would flash constantly for a year.  Unheard of, nothing on a battery could run that long, it did!  So, it is no surprise that sophisticated model railroaders today (really just big kids) are adding LED lighting to their layouts today.  Z scale can make it a little more difficult, but check out some to these z scale locomotives and more set up with LED directional lighting.    I think you will agree, this type of quality LED lighting really adds to the realism of a great z scale layout.

Miller Engineering Roof Top Neon Signs For Z Scale

Miller Engineering N/Z Scale Budweiser Neon Roof Sign #33-8815Miller engineering offers some great products including these signs ideally suited for both Z and N scale layouts.  They have taken their HO/O scale window signs and designed a set of photo etched supports for them so they can be used as roof top billboards for N & Z scales. The Frame Size is 1″ W x 1.35″ T These  roof top billboards have all the great features of all Miller Enigneering billboards. They are fully compatible with their  line of AC adapters and converter modules.  These really are cool little signs that add animation to your layout.  Choose from a variety of different beer signs in addition to a collection of products from GE, Coppertone, Rexall,  Western Union and more.  Check them out at Zgauge. com

hand_frame-web-195x268[1]  Miller Engineering #44-0202 Sm. NorthwesternBack_view-209x213[1]

Z Scale Bridges

Micron Art Z scale Pratt Truss BridgeWhen you think of building any train layout, you think of adding water, or contour of some sort that will ultimately require a bridge.  If you are looking for z scale bridges, Micron Art offers a couple of really nice options.   The Pratt Truss Z Scale Bridges they offer are available in a medium version, spanning a scale 154′ and a long version spanning a scale 224′.  Both z scale bridges follow standard prototype bridge building techniques making them a viable detail in many applications.  Designed per the “Easybrass” philosophy. Most of the rods and shapes on the Pratt Truss Bridge are combined making for faster assembly than you may assume for such a complex bridge Micron Art Z Scale Signal Bridge Kitdesign.  The bridge uses brass of a heavier gauge than what is normal used and can be set up to use a cateneray if you desire.  These bridges really are works of art, you will be proud to display.   The smaller size looks very nice set up in multiple sections as showed in the picture above.  Micron Art also offers a girder bridge that measures a scale 79′.   The bridge features cast & riveted iron fittings, rivet plates.  The last of the z scale bridges that Micron Art offers is actually a signal bridge designed to go over tracks.  Again, and I say this a lot when I see these small brass kits,  this kit really is a work of art!  Z scale has really come along way and even the smallest of details can now be produced through laser cutting and photo etching.  With the huge amount of running that can be achieved in such a small area with these trains, it is easy to see why z gauge is growing so quickly.  You an find the Micron Art Z scale bridges online at Zgauge.Com.