Full Throttle Z Scale Chessie Repaints 2 Car Set FTCOL-27-2

Full Throttle Z Scale Chessie B&O C&O Repaints 2 Car Set FTCOL-27-2

Full Throttle Z Scale Chessie B&OC&O Repaints 2 Car Set FTCOL-27-2

Full Throttle FTCOL-27-2 Set

Just released a new set of Full Throttle’s z scale 33′ offset hopper repaint 2 car set, part #FTCOL-27-2.  If you missed out on this set last time around, you get another chance and you get two new road numbers as well.  The new road numbers are B&O #234974 and C&O #135307.  Two years ago these sold out very fast, so if you like what you see, don’t wait.  As usual with any of the Full throttle products, the packaging is very nice on the set FTCOL-27-2.  The cars themselves feature metal wheels, knuckle couplers and loads from Hay Brothers Garage.   We hope to have these in stock with 7-10 days for shipment.  We will be offering them on line at our store, Zgauge.Com with a flat shipping rate of only $4.95 and free shipping at $250.   Below is a little background on the cars from Full Throttle:

One of the most striking and exhausting “repaint” projects ever attempted after a major merger was that of the Chessie System ! It was so comprehensive that many yellow, blue and vermillion Chessie engines may still be seen in service today, despite the CSX ownership! I’ve combined two 33′ Offset-Side 2-Bay Hopper models (WDW3005 and WDW3031) into a “Special” Collector 2-pk.#2 with all new, unique Reporting Numbers. As most of you know, the older B&O and C&O equipment was refurbished and repainted after the merger, but the original Designations and Reporting Numbers were kept. These models were released two years ago, but many of you either missed out or ordered just a few and were quickly “sold out!” I promised to release more of them, so here’s a wonderful Z Scale FTCOL27 2-pk. #2 of work-a-day hoppers for post-WWII runners of Eastern USA trains. And a great addition to your hopper rosters and collections. One of the most popular names of the Railroad Hobby!  

Order your #FTCOL-27-2 Full Throttle Z Scale Chessie Repaint hoppers today at Zgauge.Com                                                                

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