LED Lighting For Z Scale

Z Scale LED Lighting

LED Lighting For Z Scale . As kids, it was imperative that a model train had a headlight.  It didn’t matter if if was really bright, yellowed or pointed off in the wrong direction,  it just had to have a light!  Then came taillights in the tender, then reversing lights.  I remember when my father installed fiber optics in an n scale diesel, again very cool.  In the early 70’s he built a flasher circuit and installed it in an HO scale Athearn caboose, and told me it would flash constantly for a year.  Unheard of, nothing on a battery could run that long, it did!  So, it is no surprise that sophisticated model railroaders today (really just big kids) are adding LED lighting to their layouts today.  Z scale can make it a little more difficult, but check out some to these z scale locomotives and more set up with LED directional lighting.    I think you will agree, this type of quality LED lighting really adds to the realism of a great z scale layout.

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