Marklin 82521 US 4 Car Freight Set Z Scale

Marklin 82521US Freight Car Set

Marklin 82521US Freight Car Set

The Marklin 82521 US 4 Car Freight Set contains the following US freight cars: Pennsylvania box car road number 24255, Pennsylvania Merchandise Service box car road number 118747, Penn Salt tank car road number 67972 and B & O Gondola Road number 551470.  A very nice US freight car set by in Z scale, the Marklin 82521 set comes in a very nice slider type box with the cars securely resting in a plastic tray.  The cars are equipped with the Marklin type couplers.  Produced for only a few years, 2004 and 2006, this set is getting harder to find.  The Marklin 82521 set offers a nice selection of US freight cars.  My favorite of the four is the Pennsylvania Merchandise service car.  Check out Zgauge.Com for the latest in z scale from AZL, Full Throttle and more.

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