Marklin 8998 Z Scale Turntable

Marklin 8998 Z Scale Turn TableThe Marklin 8998  Z scale turntable is another one of those Marklin classics that is hard to come buy.  The turntable is remote powered, a controller comes installed and came pre assembled ready to use.  Here are the dimensions from the factory: External turntable diameter 170 mm / 6-11/16*. Deck length 132 mm / 5-3/16*. Flush mount installation requiring 145 mm / 5-3/4* diameter hole.  Unit will shut power off to tracks not being in contact with the deck.  Released in 2000 and just available for a few years, they are hard to come by.  You can find the Marklin 8998 z scale turntable here and there on the net, your best bet is probably ebay.  Fortunately, owners of Marklin z scale appreciate quality pieces and the can still be had in really nice or even unused condition.  Click to check ebay for the Marklin 8998 Z scale turntable.  There is no question a turntable is one of those details that really adds to the main yard.  The Marklin 8998 z scale turntable really is a cool little piece, I actually think many were purchased and just kept in the box.  If you are looking to add details to your z scale layout, check out the new buildings, vehicle and detail section added to our store at Zguage.Com.

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