Marklin Mini Club 8900 Freight Train Set

The Marklin 8900 Freight Train Set was introduced by Marklin in 1972 and was available for three years.  The Marklin 8900 included the following:

Marklin Mini Club 8900 Set

Marklin Mini Club 8900 Set

  • #8800 0-6-0 Tank Locomotive
  • #8601 Union Beer Car
  • #8606 Bananen Box Car
  • #8610 Low Side Gondola
  • #8612 Tank Car
  • Track to make a small oval
  • Ramp to get cars on track

The transformer was to be purchased separately.  The Marklin 8900 train set came in an attractive wood grain box about the size of a lunch box with all the above mentioned parts tucked away in a plastic tray.  You will come across the set every now and again on ebay, selling complete around $100-$150.  Considering that Marklin introduced Z scale trains in 1972, this is one of the earliest sets offered.  To the right is picture or two to give you an idea of what the Marklin Mini Club 8900 Freight Train set looked like.  Keep in mind, the box is over 40 years old so it has a few marks here and there.

Marklin 8900 Freight Set

Included in the Marklin
8900 Freight Set



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