Micro Trains Z Scale Train Sets

Z scale train sets offer a great way to get started in z scale model railroading. Selection is somewhat limited but Micro Trains Line offers a nice starter set priced right around $200. The F-7 table top starter sets come with a very nice F-7 locomotive, 4 pieces of rolling stock, a matching caboose, and an oval of their easy to use Micro Track.   While a power track is included, you will need to supply your own transformer.  You can use an N scale transformer if you are cautious, keeping the throttle around half at most or buy a transformer built for z scale applications.  The Micro Trains z scale starter is a great way to explore z scale trains.  Just open the box, snap your track together, add your transformer and you are instantly running your railroad.  You will be amazed at the detail and smooth operation of such small trains.  Now just think how much of a railroad you can fit in a very small space!  Great track plans exist that can allow you to run two separate trains and perform switching areas in a space of about 2′ x 5′.  From there, your choices are endless.  Locomotives, rolling stock and passenger cars are being released monthly by many of the z scale manufacturers.  If you have thought about getting into z scale trains, consider one of the Micro Trains Z scale train sets to get you on the way.  You can find more z scale gear at Zgauge.Com

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