New Z Scale ACF Covered Hopper Set By Uncle Will’s Full Throttle Line

Uncle Wills Full Throttle Z Scale ACF Covered Hopper FT1044  USI PETROTHENE 3


A pair of ACF Covered 51′ Cylindrical Hoppers for USI. The models were manufactured with great details by Bowser Mfg., painted to a slight sheen and equipped with the new Bowser Roller Bearing trucks featuring super-gliding blackened metal wheels, and knuckle couplers. The bodies represent steel, and black in color. The data is white, with the red and black USI logo appearing on the sides of the car bodies! These Full Throttle USI Cylindrical hopper cars wear two unique reporting numbers SHPX 60416 and SHPX 60417
Prototype information from the manufacturer:
ACF Center Flow Cylindricals. Due to many early mergers of railroad companies, ACF industries represented in most state of the Northern US , east of the Mississippi River. They are responsible for many innovative freight and passenger cars using modern on modern railroads. After WWII, USA railroads were increasingly called upon to haul new and unique, or modern products if you will over long distances. American Car & Foundry (ACF) designed a center flow tank type called the center flow covered hopper car. This was a freight car for the future, ready to transport sugar, cement, sand, salt fertilizers, many different grains, coke, starch feeds, chemicals and plastics. USI is an American company specializing in petrochemicals and polymer products. Incorporated in WV, they have major factories in IL and NJ as well as plants nationwide. SHPX is a reporting mark for the leasing division of ACF.

I can’t say enough about the Uncle Will’s Full Throttle Z Scale line.  Every car I have seen is just a great little piece.  I love the stackable collectors cases and I really appreciate the interesting subjects that are released.  Keep in mind, they are limited run.  Get them while you can!  Check current stock of Uncle Will’s Z Scale products at Zgauge.Com.  PS  if you haven’t like us on Facebook yet, you have missed out on some great promotions!


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