Southern Pacific Z Scale Locomotives

Z Scale Southern Pacific LocomotivesIf you model Southern Pacific in z scale, your locomotive selection continues to grow thanks to AZL.  Currently AZL offers 4 scale locomotives in a total of 15 different road numbers.  You have the latest SP locomotive, the SD70M in 4 road numbers, the GP-9 Locomotive in z scale with 4 different road numbers, the GP-30 with 3 road numbers and finally the GP38-2 available in 4 different road numbers.  This collection of z scale Southern Pacific locomotives starts with a street price of around $100 on the GP38-2 to about $190 on the SD70M.   While the GP38-2 is considered an entry level z scale locomotive, it is a great unit for the money.  Micron Art makes a very nice detail kit for the unit as well.  All 4 locomotives are DCC ready and all but the GP30 have drop in decoders available from Digitrax.  In addition to the locomotives, you can also find a nice selection of z scale passenger cars, cabooses and freight cars for the Southern Pacific in our store at Zgauge.Com.

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