Super Detail Kit For AZL GP38-2

Super Detail Kit For GP38-2 1The AZL GP38-2 locomotives have been billed as an entry level locomotive to z scale. While that may bay true, many, many have been sold. When you look back at the start of z gauge, these really are great little locomotives, especially with such a great price point. Now Micron Art has made it easy to take the detail up a notch. Kit contains .010 photo-etched stainless steel components and drilling guides for handrails and grab-irons; also a complete list of recommended tools, glues and paints. There are illustrations for forming, drilling and inserting the new handrails. Find the Micron Art 1038 Super Detail Kit for your AZL GP38-2 here.  Check out the image below for list of details included in the kit.  I like the fact that they added the drilling guides.  Let’s face it, it takes a steady hand as it is to work on z scale.  The drilling guides will help you make sure that your grab irons and handrails end up  just where you want them.  Recommended tools include the usual tools you already have like tweezers, magnifying glasses, emery board etc.  The recommend drill size is an .017 or a #78 or #79.  Priced under $25 this is a great little kit.

Super Detail Kit For GP38-2 Micron Art 1038

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