Z Gauge Semi Truck Trailer Kits From Micron Art

Micron Art Semi Truck Trailer Kit 1075 1077 1079Micron art offers three very nice z scale semi truck trailer kits to get the freight to and from the rails on your z gauge layout.  The three different versions offer ribbed side and panel sides.  All three of the kits share some common features including:  Tractor Features: cast wheels, detailed wheel hubs,diesel horn(s), side mirrors, seat, steering wheel, stack, 2 fuel tanks (improved mounts), trailer tongue, running boards, Swarovski crystal headlamps and saffire color brake lights.Three different style grills. Trailer Features: cast wheels, detailed wheel hubs, trailer stand, rear doors can be opened and closed, side door, new refrigeration unit,Swarovski crystal saffire rear tail lights, full set of decals for four different lines.  Micron Art part numbers are 1075, 1077 and 1079.

Small details even on small scale trains are the difference between a train set and a layout.  As technology continues to move forward, the quality of details in z scale will continue to improve.  When you look at some of real early details available even for n scale it is incredible what these z scale semi truck trailer kits offer.  I think back to some of the n scale cars and trucks my father bought when I was young.  There is no comparison.  He actually whittled a semi truck and trailer from balsa and sliced tires out of a pencil tip eraser.  Makes me wonder what some of these old timers could have done with our technology!   Find more vehicles, buildings, bridges and other details from Micron Art at Zgauge.Com.


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